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About Us

AAU Racing is a racing team at Aalborg University, where students from different fields of study, in their spare time, meet to design and build a racing car. The team participates annually in international competitions in the Formula Student class organized by SAE international. Formula Student is held in various places often at world-renowned racetracks such as Silverstone and Hockenheim.


Who are we?

Up to 150 universities from all over the world participate in the competitions - from Osaka University in Japan to the University of Iceland. The goal of the competition is, in short, to design the best race car. This involves not only building the fastest car, but also demonstrating engineering skills in design, economics, project planning, driving characteristics, performance and durability. With the goal of making a competitive car, innovation and creativity in the design is necessary. Through the design phase, the members' knowledge and skills are expanded, while the construction of the final product helps to provide experiences that go beyond the theoretical level the university offers. As a starting point, as much as possible must be produced by the students themselves, either in our own workshop or collaboration with companies.

The team consists of students from many subject areas such as electronics, software, mechanics, energy and business economics. Here, the students participate in a larger academic collaboration across the fields of study, which ensures additional competencies in addition to those already achieved by the AAU model. In addition to creating engineering experience through the development of the race car, the project also provides experience in handling a large project with many participants and many pieces, which will eventually fit together.


AAU Racing participates annually in several public events, including the Danish Air Show at Aalborg Airport and Aalborg University's open house, where teammebers can convey the technical and scientific educations to any future students. AAU Racing participates in various sponsorevents hosted by the teams sponsors. In addition to participating in these events, AAU Racing also has its own Facebook page with over 1200 followers.


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